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Police Promotion Success – A Case Study

Promotion to Inspector

Dave was just promoted to Inspector. Here’s a quick insight into how…


Did you have preconceived notions about coach/mentor support?

I had some coaching at work but wasn’t really that impressed. However a colleague’s enthusiasm about your input gave me a very open mind.

Has that perception changed since?

Before we met I wasn’t sure. Our 1-2-1 was essential as it brought all the strands together and allowed me a sense of organisation in my preparation. After our 1-2-1 I had greater confidence, your advice was genuine because you spoke from on the job experience.

A couple of other benefits I found afterwards were increased confidence in my own ability to perform at the rank of Inspector and greater strategic perspective.

What worked best for you during our coaching session?

In my promotion board I used your mnemonics and vitally STRUCTURE STRUCTURE STRUCTURE. The biggest boost I felt as I walked through the door into my interview was confidence in my preparation. This allowed me to relax given the situation.

As I relaxed I felt my answers flowed and I was able to display passion and commitment. I am overjoyed at having attained the rank of Inspector.

“I am overjoyed at having attained the rank of Inspector”

What is different now?

I feel I have realised my potential. Better financial security pension etc. and greater job satisfaction.

What made you choose Rank Success to help in preparing for your promotion opportunity?

Face to face personal recommendation which made the difference. I have since passed on that recommendation in the same way to others who I see potential in.

Kind Regards, Steve

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