I’m often contacted by forward-thinking officers who want to make a start on their promotion preparation right now. It’s a simple strategy to convert police leadership aspiration into promotion success, neatly avoiding the common mistake made by vast cohorts of candidates of merely waiting for a promotion process to be announced. I aim to spoil aspiring officers for choice of materials to read, watch and listen, giving back to policing after enjoying a rewarding career in the service. But what’s available that’s right for you and accessible 24/7 to help supercharge your chances of success?

“Rather 10 times die in the surf, heralding a way to a new world, than stand idly on the shore.” – Florence Nightingale

This post brings together the range of digital and downloadable products and other services I offer to assist officers in their ambition to become substantive future police leaders. There’s something to suit all learning preferences and every budget… and it’s all available to you right now and accessible 24/7. Sure, this is a bit of an ‘advertorial’ (we’ll get back to the free leadership CPD content soon for regular subscribers!), but I wanted to have something I can point others toward when asking, ‘What can I do right now to prepare?’ I have also collated what I believe are the most powerful reasons why you may want to choose Rank Success to support your career aspirations, which I share at the end of this post.

From Free To Full Monty…

Access everything at www.ranksuccess.co.uk

“Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best.” – Popularly attributed to St. Jerome, popularised by Tim Duncan

I aim to provide meaningful support for aspiring officers, whatever their budget and wherever they police. The support is not just limited to UK police promotion; officers from An Garda Síochána have achieved success using these tried and tested methods for promotion, from Garda to Sáirsint/Sergeant and Cigira/Inspector.

Free Stuff – GOOD!

You can read, watch, and listen to a range of free content right away, to steer you in the right direction in your leadership ambition. Here’s a summary of those free materials to give you a good head start compared to the competition:

WordPress Blog: I provide regular, in-depth thoughts and insights on various aspects of promotion at my blog. I’ve been blogging for many years now, but you’ll find plenty of articles through the archives that remain pertinent today. Popular posts include guidance on forward/rear-facing interview questions, CVF explainers, a detailed series on interview boards, tailored insights for Police Scotland candidates, guidance on ethical leadership, and content targeted to Chief Inspector leadership, to name just a few.

Police Hour Blog: For several years now I have also been offering regular, detailed insights for promotion candidates via editorial on Police Hour, the most popular and growing police news site. Popular posts on Police Hour include personal statements, briefing and presentation tips, the role of Sergeant, role of Inspector, the CVF’s ‘We Are Emotionally Aware’, and Fast Track, to highlight just a few.

eGuides: I provide a selection of free downloadable guides to assist you in your ambition to promotion at every stage, from laying out the journey ahead to support on the CVF, application tips, assessment tests and interview board.

Videos: You’ll find me on my Rank Success YouTube channel sharing regular free videos on the promotion process, the experiences and feedback from successful candidates and suggested reading materials for your CPD. There is now an expansive (and growing) library to choose from.

Coaching: You can call me on 07581 299532 to arrange a free initial 30 minute supportive conversation. I’ll listen, answer any burning questions, signpost or direct you to the most suitable resource or we arrange a more in-depth 121 coaching session. 

Podcast: This provides a series of free audible episodes you can listen to on your chosen podcast app, discussing in a little more depth issues relating to police leadership CPD and promotion. Ideal for those who prefer to listen to content around the house or on their commute to the station!

Great Value – BETTER!

Sergeant Inspector promotion guide

I recognise there are many motivated busy cops out there who just want to dive in to full, structured guidance to help them succeed, that go beyond the free resources being released. For those who want to go one step better, I provide a suite of great value downloadable eGuides, to give clear structure to officers’ preparation with detailed targeted support. The guides cover everything from helping you recognise what good promotion evidence looks like, create a polished application form, immerse you in practice questions, smash an interview board, while along the way providing food for thought on your attitude, structure, the CVF, leadership, the role and much more.

The complete Sergeant’s eGuide toolkit is £139, which includes the Application, Interview (including the comprehensive practice Question Bank), and Example Evidence eGuides as shown above. The Inspector and Chief Inspector toolkit is £159 and provides content on two ranks in just one purchase!

Full Monty – BEST!

UK Police promotion insights

Then there are the most ambitious officers, including fast track/high potential candidates, who are committed and determined in their promotion aspirations. They know the importance of preparing ahead of opportunity, while investing in themselves all-in, to win, utilising the best support available for police promotion candidates. 

Add to the eGuides a comprehensive HD Video Masterclass based around what works in police promotion and leadership, straight to your living room or on the go with your chosen device. You can watch this MP4 movie file like any other movie file in high quality HD or Full HD; play, pause, rewind and rewatch at any point throughout the over 4 hours of comprehensive, supportive content. Plus the video masterclass also comes with an exclusive insights guide, providing further bespoke reading materials you won’t find elsewhere to accelerate your promotion preparation and support your leadership CPD.

If you want this supercharged preparation as part of your armoury, you can download it right away here. You can also get a fantastic discount (saving £100) when ordering alongside the rank-specific eGuide toolkits by using the bundle offers.

Why Rank Success?

Why Rank Success

There are many reasons to choose Rank Success, as summarised in the infographic above. First and foremost is that it works, as testified by countless successful officers. I’d like to expand a little on each point, just to emphasise the value I wish to bring to officers:

  • Highly recommended & it works: I am proud to receive regular, unsolicited feedback from successful officers who have shared their story. This is aside from the many hundreds more who have fed back having attended my Masterclass, after which for example 100% said they would recommend Rank Success to others.
  • 24/7/365 access: You’ll know these are policing hours! I recognise shift-work cuts across normal hours and you also have a life outside work, so you can download and then access all digital content at any time to suit you.
  • Focus on what works: I call my Promotion Masterclass, ‘What Works’. It does exactly as described. I’m regularly updating content to accommodate changing times and force processes/frameworks, so you can be sure the information is the very latest available to help you prepare effectively for promotion and develop your police leadership. The proof is in the pudding!
  • Rich, free content: I know of no other place in policing offering the extent and depth of free police promotion and leadership CPD resources for the Federated ranks. I believe in providing meaningful free content, including detailed blogs, extensive videos, free guides, and now podcasts.
  • Simple: There are too many registrations, logins and passwords in our everyday lives. I’d rather not add to this admin burden and instead make it simple for aspiring officers to access their promotion support already purchased. There’s also no strings attached to the free content; if you want to subscribe to my newsletter, you’ll have to actively sign up at my website!
  • Read, watch, listen: Whatever your preference, you can read, watch or just listen to support your promotion with multimedia content. Read the range of eGuides and blogs, watch via my free YouTube content or HD Video Masterclass, or now you can listen via my new podcast.
  • Flexible: Download your purchase (or free guide) to any chosen device; tablet, phone, laptop, or PC. This means you can take it wherever you like to read, watch or listen to, without needing to login anywhere or even be tethered to an internet connection. The Video Masterclass is in MP4, the most compatible format across all devices/software, and like other videos can be streamed to your TV if it has that smart function.
  • Confidential: I know many officers simply don’t want to talk about getting promotion and leadership support; not least with competitors! As a qualified coach/mentor adhering to coaching principles and ethics, you can be confident that any products/services you may choose to use are confidential.
  • Specialised: I tailor my information specifically to those seeking promotion within the Federated ranks of Sergeant, Inspector and Chief Inspector (mostly assessed at CVF Level 2). This focuses my time to enable me to support the majority of serving officers.
  • Qualified: As a qualified Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) executive coach and leadership mentor, you can be sure good practice, standards and principles support my services. I maintain a strong interest in policing and promotion methods and having supported countless successful officers since I left the police service, I’m very proud of feedback and comments freely offered and shared.
  • Convenient: Once content is downloaded to your chosen device, you can read, watch or listen anywhere, anytime, time and time again.
  • Informative: My easy-read, detailed materials will familiarise you with the key concepts around police promotion, leadership and the role you aspire to, in a way that is easy-to-understand. The most common feedback I receive on my masterclasses for example is how informative they are.
  • Regularly updated: Keeping abreast of force processes and frameworks ensures the materials provided are current, topical and stand the test of time. Many officers buy once, then use the same content, tips and guidance to achieve subsequent promotions.
  • Zoomed out? 2020 and 2021 have seen many meetings and interactions move online, with a boom in ‘webinar’ based learning. This can get tiresome and remains tethered to specific times and internet connections. My unique video masterclass enables you to watch quality, uninterrupted, HD content without worrying about intermittent signal, logins or Zoom/Skype/Teams tech issues. Just download and enjoy wherever, whenever.
  • Tried & tested: The detailed police promotion and leadership support in eGuides, the Video Masterclass, coaching and other services has been tried and tested, time and time again.
  • Unlimited: There are no time limits involved when using Rank Success. Buy just once, save to your chosen device, then use time and time again; even for your next promotion!

I hope this overview of my digital products and services helps support your aspiration, while demonstrating why Rank Success is leading the way in providing quality police promotion support to aspiring candidates. Feel free to get in touch for any clarification or arrange personal support.

Kind Regards, Steve