Following on from my post looking back at my top five blogs published over 2021, I share in this update my top 5 reel of police promotion videos. All of this is to help set you on course for police promotion success in 2022. This continues an ‘in case you missed it’ snapshot of my completely free, no-strings, no-signups content (snapshot below) for your CPD towards UK police promotion success.

“Once you stop learning, you start dying.” – Albert Einstein 

These police promotion videos are organised simply by popularity and cover a range of UK police promotion and leadership topics. Subjects include the CVF, interview questions, and structuring your responses. All were from my most popular video series I simply call, ‘Police Promotion & Leadership’. Make sure you check out the links in the video descriptions over at my YouTube channel for further support and ‘subscribe’ to ensure you don’t miss an episode. I hope you enjoy this summary and I look forward to providing more free content in 2022!

1. CVF Values: Integrity

In video 32 of my ‘Police Promotion Success’ series, I zone in on integrity. It’s quite apt and I believe demonstrates the honest intent of police promotion candidates that this was my most-viewed 2021 video! As a cornerstone of policing, integrity is a common CVF value used in many UK police forces (though bear in mind some forces have locally bespoke CVF values).

Here I discuss the links to the College of Policing Code of Ethics, decision-making, investigations, provide some definitions and meanings, and generally support aspiring cops to make sense of what can sometimes appear superficially as bland words on a page. I also provide some example interview board questions along the way. In closing the video, I share a powerful story on integrity that resonated with me.

This is just one of many free videos I provide exploring the CVF competencies and values. In addition, they can be particularly helpful if you will be encountering ‘values-based’ promotion processes. One definition of integrity is ‘the value you place on yourself’. Here’s another:

“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.” – C. S. Lewis

2. Structure Your Evidence

This is slightly earlier in my ‘Police Promotion Success’ series, number 28, where I discuss structuring your promotion evidence. Structure is important to ensure your evidence flows, for example in a story, so your interviewer and/or application booklet assessor can easily follow what you’re saying.

I provide some example structures that will help you along the way, such as PAR, STAR, SOAR, and LCO. I expand upon structure for applications, interviews, and presentations in my premium eGuides. These include dozens of detailed model examples of ‘what works’ as real-life promotion evidence. One structure that successful police promotion candidates feedback as particularly user-friendly and successful is my bespoke Rank Success structure for interviews: ENAMEL.

“I thrive in structure. I drown in chaos.” – Anna Kendrick

3. Structure with ENAMEL

In video 29 of my Police Promotion Success series, I dive into my unique ENAMEL structure that only Rank Success clients will hear about. This is a great structure for verbal responses, i.e., at interview, to wrap around your core evidence.

ENAMEL is particularly useful for those aspiring to the rank of Inspector and Chief Inspector, with the strategic perspective of the national, regional, and local context or aspects of the question you are responding to. It also serves as an aide to demonstrate your wider understanding of the role and provide context to your evidence. Here’s my popular blog on forward- and rear-facing interview questions to read more on ENAMEL.

“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.” – Anthon Chekhov

4. CVF Values: Public Service

Number 4 in my ‘Top 5’ is my police promotion video on the CVF value of ‘Public Service’. I relate the CVF guidance to the role, ethics, and provide several example interview board questions along the way. I provide prompts on how to provide an effective response to questions about this behaviour, while emphasising the importance of stating what you did in your evidence (not what ‘we’ did).

You might also find it helpful to read my dedicated blog on public service, plus also my popular article on learning to love the CVF.

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” – William James

5. How to Answer Forward-Facing Interview Questions

The final video in my ‘Top 5’ of 2021 is video 54 in my Police Promotion Success series, all about forward-facing questions. The use of forward-facing questions is becoming an increasingly common feature in officer promotion boards. As a reminder, these are questions that begin with the words, “How will you…”, “What will you…”, and so on.

These types of questions can set the alarm bells ringing for promotion candidates, but there really is no need to panic. You might also find it helpful to read my blog, ‘Are You Two-Faced?.

“Hard work, intentional practice and time are the only things that develop competency. Passion is fuel in the tank, nothing more.” – Dan Rockwell

I hope you have enjoyed this look back at top free police promotion videos over the last year. I look forward to providing much more great content for you in 2022… watch this space!

Kind Regards, Steve

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