Forget those preconceived ideas about the police promotion process; change your behaviour and present the best possible version of yourself.

“It sure pays to have an edge.” – Josey Wales

If you’re looking for promotion to Sergeant, Inspector and Chief Inspector, chances are you hold a few preconceived ideas about the process.

You might consider it a simple ‘memory test’. Or perhaps you believe there’s no need to modify your behaviour before your promotion interview?

That you can simply flick a switch and be the kind of person and leader the force is looking for.

Fait accompli?

Maybe you think the outcome has already been decided long before you reach the interview room?

However you look at it, failing after months of preparation, whilst seeing very little of your family and friends, seriously hurts.

So let’s forget those unhelpful preconceived ideas, because success is a state of mind and a state of being.

You might be a great operational cop. But I’ve found very few officers know how to present themselves effectively and successfully in a promotion selection process.

Holistic approach

First things first, it’s about raising your awareness, developing yourself and understanding how your behaviour affects people before you even think of going for promotion. It comes down to taking a holistic approach. 

You must make a commitment to yourself to raise your game ahead of time. Then convert your leadership aspirations into career success. 

“Action expresses priorities.” – Gandhi

And if you need help, that’s what Rank Success is here for with a range of supportive resources (including FREE blogs, podcasts and videos) to support, challenge and provoke some holistic thinking! Thinking helps of course, but only action determines priorities

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Prepare now. Give yourself an edge. Nail that promotion.

Kind Regards, Steve

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