In 2022, I’ve published over 100 videos as open-access, no-strings free content for your police promotion and leadership CPD. That’s in addition to another 50+ longer format blogs and podcasts. What a year!

Topics are focused on a range of police promotion and police leadership matters, complementing the intensive, structured content in my downloadable eGuides and Promotion Masterclass (described by my clients as ‘worth their weight in gold’). Whether it’s my CVF explainers, PEEL summaries, or interview support, I hope you’ve found it useful viewing, whatever your rank.

In this article, I pick out and summarise my top three free videos released during 2022, to help set you on course for UK police promotion success in 2023. I aim to create more of this completely free, no-strings, no-signups content in 2023, to support your CPD and convert your leadership aspiration into promotion success. This is over and above my premium bespoke toolkits for the Sergeant rank and Inspector / Chief Inspector ranks. If you appreciate the free content and would like to contribute to my work to help keep it flowing (I’m fuelled by caffeine!), you can buy me a coffee here; all contributions are gratefully received.

“Thanks Steve. Your videos helped me through my Insp board earlier this year and are now helping me do my portfolio.” – YouTube commenter

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Consider each video part of your leadership CPD, supporting your aspiration whatever your UK police force promotion process. There are of course a range of structured, tried and tested materials if you want to go further, including video and in-person masterclasses in 2023. Now let’s get to an executive summary of my top 3 free videos…

The Role of Inspector (V82)

Role of Police Inspector

The first of my top three is video 82 from my Police Promotion Success series, in which I discuss the role of Inspector for you. Before your interview board or when answering questions on your application, it’s important to actually know the role! Consider the following potential promotion board question or presentation scenario:

What do you know about the more strategic ranks of Inspector and Chief Inspector?

It’s one of my longer videos at 18 minutes, however I believe you’ll find great value from this open-access free content. I discuss the leadership perspectives required at the Inspector rank, the importance of having an eye on the future, taking a strategic perspective, plus much more on the functions and dimensions of the rank to aid your preparation.

This is relevant to all officers around the UK, in England & Wales forces, the Met Police, Police Scotland, PSNI, and beyond. See my comprehensive Inspector’s toolkit for more information and to go further, with your very own ‘super briefing’ for your promotion ambition. My blog on the role of Inspector provides additional free information. But for now, here’s the video:

“Hi Steve, thanks to your guides and podcasts, I have passed the Inspector board first time around! I felt well prepared, well-versed and well-read… “ENAMEL” and your reading list “musts” were a huge help. I felt like I could attack each question and I was ready to say “Who has questions for my answers.” – Zoe, passed Inspector promotion board FIRST TIME

Chief Inspector examples
Solid examples of what works in police promotion evidence

CVF: Different Questions (V72)

CVF questions

In video 72 of my Police Promotion Success series, I spend 13 minutes revisiting the police Competency and Values Framework (CVF). I include multiple example practice interview questions as part of this video

The theme is around the basic questions you may have about promotion and the CVF, then how you can move on to smarter questions under more sophisticated preparation. This will propel you from a ‘good’ candidate to the ‘best’.. I hope this gets you thinking about your own promotion board to Sergeant, Inspector, and Chief Inspector in the UK.

For more information on the CVF, ‘learning to love the CVF’ is a good starting point! You can also go much further with my new CVF Demystified premium explainer videos, for each competency and value.

“Steve, I just wanted to pass on a personal thank you for helping me pass Constable to Sergeant first time. I achieved a score of 47 out of 50 during the assessment centre, which I am in no doubt is as a result of your content steering me in the right direction. Assessors commented on my understanding and application of the CVF, depth and breadth of preparation and confidence in delivery. Keep up the great work and have a very merry Christmas. All the best.” – John, Passed Sergeant promotion process FIRST TIME

GMP Presentations (V67)

GMP police presentations

This is the finale of my mini-series of videos focused on Greater Manchester Police, focusing on delivering presentations as part of your promotion board. I provided these videos dedicated to GMP after learning of GMP’s local force promotion process, but the lessons are equally applicable to any aspiring officer in the UK.

You may well be delivering a presentation/briefing in response to a scenario as part of your promotion assessment. It is in fact a core part of the Sergeant’s role to deliver briefings. Regardless of what it is, you can prepare ahead of time with these simple tips. You might also find my YouTube mini-series Make it Brief useful for more support on briefings and presentations.

“Hi Steve, I’ve recently been listening to your podcasts after being sent the link by a friend. I have just had my Chief Inspector promotion board & I absolutely smashed it thanks to a lot of hard work & listening to lots of your podcasts & using your toolkit. With my learning style I hadn’t thought listening would suit me as well as it did, I had lots of food for thought & reflection from your inputs. I wanted to send you this as feedback. Thank you for providing so many free resources for people like me to succeed.” – Elle, SMASHED her Chief Inspector promotion board

BONUS Christmas Video: Claus & Effect

As I type this, I’ve also just published another free video on my YouTube channel. In this festive edition of my police promotion success series, I discuss themes around confidence, preparation, role awareness, and more, all based around recent feedback from successful officers, delighted having just had the best early Christmas present!

I discuss what worked for them, plus insights and learning points as to your ambition towards not just being successful at police promotion, but putting clear blue water between yourself and other candidates.

For example, consider the following practice police promotion board question:

“What’s the difference between the roles of Sergeant and Inspector?”

I hope you have enjoyed this look back at my top free police promotion content over the last year, be they these top videos, my top 5 podcasts, and top 5 blogs. I look forward to providing much more great content for you in 2023 and wish you every success for the new year.

Kind Regards, Steve

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