“Welcome to this Rank Success Promotion Masterclass.”

I’ve used these words many times over the years, greeting aspiring police officers to my bespoke police promotion masterclasses. Officers would come from far and wide, including Met Police, Police Scotland, PSNI, and other England & Wales forces; all aiming to convert their leadership aspirations to achieve substantive promotion success.

On starting Rank Success, my aim was simple. Supporting as many great cops with their promotion ambitions as possible. This includes helping officers realise their career hopes and aspirations while ensuring forces promote more great leaders for the future. Looking back, it’s going very well, to the point there are too many to count.

Police Promotion: A Relentless Focus on What Works

“I passed three promotion boards with flying colours, coming top in two processes. Going from three failures to a choice of three forces!” – Candidate feedback

I’ve spent years distilling what it is that ‘works’ for so many in police promotion. In essence, my aim is to help you become a more rounded police leader, which just so happens to align with who forces are aiming to promote. I’ve helped officers from all backgrounds, all UK forces, and in all different operational, investigative and support roles in policing; my methods work across the board.

So I’m now pleased to present and offer for you this new downloadable video masterclass. The exclusive download is for your personal support, leadership CPD and focused promotion preparation. It contains everything that works to date.

This new HD 4-hour Masterclass video allows me to continue reaching aspiring promotion candidates from afar while venues are restricted. The aim is as always, to support, challenge and respectfully provoke your thinking around the topic of police promotion. In it, I share my own thoughts and observations and encourage you to commit to a depth and breadth of preparation; the likes of which you have never done before. This is definitely something successful candidates have in common.

I understand that following lockdowns and meeting restrictions, many folk are all ‘Zoomed out’. So I purposefully avoided platforms like Zoom or Teams, having picked up on the distinct waning of enthusiasm for ‘yet another online meeting’. Instead, I wanted to offer something available 24/7 that better fits around your work and family life. This means it can be watched like any other high quality film at your convenience, while also unhindered by patchy and intermittent video conferencing. I even wanted to give the personal touch of handouts and further reading materials, which comes with the new HD video.

Here I discuss more around creating this new resource and some of the features:

An introduction to my new video masterclass for police promotion candidates

Exclusive Promotion Insights

UK Police promotion insights
Video Police Promotion Masterclass comes with Exclusive Insights handout document for UK officers

“I passed my Inspectors Board achieving top marks in the presentation, interview and briefing exercise! Attending your Masterclass… transformed my preparation and was a lightbulb moment. I should have done this years ago.” – Candidate feedback

My detailed and accessible police promotion guides are already a popular feature for aspiring officers who want to get to work on some smart, hard work. In addition, I’ve included an extra, exclusive digital guide with this video masterclass. This exclusive guide is jam-packed full of supplementary materials, links to relevant blogs, articles and leadership support insights you won’t find anywhere else. This includes specific tips, guidance and content from handouts I provide at my in-person promotion workshops, to inform and shape your approach to supercharge your promotion preparation.

For a sneak preview of video content, see the following snippets from the main video (you’ll find more on my free YouTube channel). This is just a minute or two from the 250+ minutes of rich, detailed content in the Masterclass itself…

Supercharge Your Police Promotion Preparation & CPD

Police promotion on any device
Download the HD video to any device, both HD and Full HD versions look great

“The workshop made it very clear how much preparation was required and how best to structure that preparation. There were some excellent pointers on things that needed brushing up on – for instance – briefing and decision making that I may not have thought to look at… it gave me the focus and direction for my preparation. It is probably the most useful presentation I have ever had and was certainly the best in terms of actual presentation. I would recommend it to anyone seeking promotion.” – Candidate feedback

I often emphasise the importance of CPD in your police leadership aspirations, for example see ‘The Killer Question’. Here’s some of what I mean by supercharging your promotion preparation with these new police leadership CPD materials: 

  • Work smart: Targeted information to focus your promotion preparation.
  • Demystifies promotion processes and the CVF, providing focus on what works and positively impacting your leadership ambitions.
  • Comes highly recommended by successful promotion candidates! For example, it’s been described by some as a ‘super briefing on promotion’.
  • It will boost your confidence, maximise your potential and help you avoid common mistakes made by the majority of promotion candidates.
  • It’s tried, tested and proven, time and time again. But this time, you can learn from your living room or anywhere else you choose!
  • It’s simple and accessible, with one download and no log in/passwords required or limitations on your ongoing access. MP4 is also the most widely-supported video type across various devices and platforms.
  • Invest today. Thank yourself later. It’s massive value for money, with significant potential return on investment upon your successful promotion. Many candidates have used Rank Success materials for multiple promotions.
  • There’s nothing else like it in police officer leadership CPD or promotion support.

There’s also a saver code I mention in my YouTube videos, which also applies to any Rank Success downloadable guides and products.

There are thousands more qualified candidates now seeking promotion today than in living memory. The results of the Inspectors and Sergeant’s legal exam for 2020 showed record pass rates for the new online format. In addition, the College of Policing will today announce thousands more being added to the pool for 2021, following this year’s Sergeant’s NPPF Step 2 results. Therefore, competition for formal leadership positions is fiercer than ever. Why not hit the ground running today? Do the work now to supercharge and boost the odds in your favour by downloading your own bespoke promotion Masterclass.

“Probably the most useful insight I have had in nearly 25 years of police service, not just from a role specific viewpoint but from a personal development perspective as well.” – Candidate feedback

I commend this new resource to you and hope you find it helpful in your career aspirations.

Kind Regards, Steve.

If you found this blog helpful, you can hit the ground running with your promotion preparation. Get your personal digital promotion toolkit, attend or download my Police Promotion Masterclass, or contact me to arrange personal coaching support. If you first want to explore completely free content, I have a bunch of free videos, guides plus free blog content both here on my Rank Success Blog and via my Police Hour articles.

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